How to make extra money off your unwanted items

Do you have a whole bunch of unwanted items laying around the house? Why not declutter and make some money off them. A garage sale is the perfect way to make some extra cash off things that are just taking up space in your home. Below are some tips to having a successful garage sale.

1. Choose the right date and time
The first step to planning a successful garage sale is choosing the best day and time. Most people work all week during the day so weekends are going to be your best bet. You’ll also want to plan it for when the weather is nicer outside. Most people do not want to be out in the cold looking through your things. Also find out when others in your neighborhood are planning their garage sale for, this can help bring in more traffic to your sale from garage sale hoppers.

2. Keep your items organized
If you keep your things disorganized and just put on tables without any reason, this can turn off buyers. Many people like the ease of being able to shop and having clear insight about the items they would like to buy. Keeping things organized can also help with upselling. For example place a dvd player with dvds and maybe even a tv, you can possibly sell them all together.

3. Make sure items are clean
There is nothing worse than finding an item you want to purchase however it’s dirty. It’s almost like paying for trash. Clean your items beforehand to get the most value.

4. Hang your clothes
By hanging up your clothing to sell it helps your customers to look through all your items without rummaging through a table resulting in a mound of wrinkled clothes. Again disorganization is a turnoff, hanging can also keep items organized by size.

5. Price all items
Name your price, even when you are negotiable. By naming a price this will help prevent low ball offers and ensure you get a fair price for your items. When it comes to garage sale pricing, search on Ebay or Craigslist to get an idea of the value of your item.

6. Advertise
Advertise your garage sale with signs that have all essential information. Avoid saying things like “this saturday” as it can confuse potential customers who may wonder if the sign is old. Also a tip, use directional arrows to help people find where the sale is.

7. Cash, Cash, Cash
Cash is the best payment method to deal with to avoid returned charges. Never accept checks and if accepting credit card, use a service that does not allow for the customer to dispute the charge. If the buyer does not have the cash on hand don’t be afraid to do cash deposit until they return with the rest of the money.

8. Be ready and on time
A lot of people will arrive on time to be sure they get access to all the good stuff, so make sure you are set up and ready to go by the advertised open time.

9. Be willing to negotiate
Buyers love a good deal and want to feel like they are getting a steal. To satisfy this desire, i suggest pricing items a little higher so there is some wiggle room for negotiation. For example if you have an item you would like to get $100 for price it at $150, the buyer then may offer $100 and you can accept.

If you find that organizing a garage sale is too much for you, Scenfo is there to make selling easy. Just submit your item with an offer and Scenfo with pay you for your item.