1. Scenfo, LLC. – SUBMISSION/TERMS OF USE, CONDITIONS and TRADEMARKS In relation to submission of your item(s) and payment, the following information below details the Terms and Conditions between you and Scenfo, LLC. Unless otherwise stated, these terms are applicable to any future communications, supplements, and pricing for our website as well as the services we provide. By default, you are agreeing to this terms by conducting business with us. If you DO NOT consent to the terms as stated then do not complete a submission form or send your item(s) to us, due to the fact this is a legally binding contract between yourself and Scenfo, LLC. You must provide accurate and up to date information in order to conduct business with us. Furthermore, as the customer it is necessary to comply with any applicable laws and regulations in regards to this contract. Prior to engaging in business with us, please read the following Terms and Conditions. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns we encourage you to contact us at info@scenfo.com.

Scenfo.com is owned and run by Scenfo, LLC and does not have any affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship with other companies that are mentioned on the website. The brands, copyrights, logos, likenesses as well as the registered trademarks are property of these companies or organizations. Unless otherwise stated, this applies to all companies and organizations.

2. Information you provide to us such as email, address, phone number, etc. will exclusively be used by Scenfo, LLC to conduct the business you have chosen to engage in and we will not release any personal information to any third parties. Before sending any devices or products that store information, please remove all data and backup any information you should need for future reference. Scenfo, LLC does erase all information prior to reselling the item(s), however we cannot guarantee that some information may be left behind. By sending us your item(s) you are agreeing to release us from any commitment including data security, integrity, etc. Scenfo, LLC is NOT responsible for any suffering on your part due to data that is not erased or backed up prior to you sending us your device.

3. Pricing Subject to Change: The initial offer price originally quoted will remain the same about 90% of the time. Scenfo.com has the right to change its offer guidelines and quoting at any time. Your offer will not be changed if you have already sent your item to us prior to our guidelines being changed, unless your item(s) is not as described. Pricing may be adjusted based on analysis and comparison with your original description of your item. The probability of your accepted offer being changed after it is received is 1 out of 10. Adjustments may be made because you have provided incorrect information such as the wrong model number or because upon inspection feel that the condition of your item(s) is not as you have specified. There is a possibility that we may also give you more more for your item(s) than the original accepted offer. Please be aware that Scenfo.com has the sole rights to make the final evaluation of all item(s) sent to us. We will notify you if there is a change in the pricing of your product and you will then have three days to accept the new offer. If you have not contacted us within those three days, we will assume that you have accepted the new offer and go ahead and send the adjusted amount to you via check to your address on file for the transaction. The price we have quoted you is valid for 7 days. If we receive your item after the 7 day mark, we will re-evaluate your item and price it at the current market value. Please be aware that Scenfo.com has the sole right to end the buying of any product at any time without any type of advanced notice.

4. The Process:

  • Shipping: Once you have shipped out your item(s), please allow up to five business days for them to get to us. This allows time for the shipping company as well as assuring the devices are delivered to our office.

  • Testing: Once we have received your item(s) it takes a period of two to seven business days for our us to inspect the condition of your item(s). If you have sent us more than one product this may take up to twice the amount of time. If your item(s) does not include all the necessary accessories for testing, please allow up to an additional five business days for testing.

  • Payment: After we have assessed the status of your item we will send you your payment via check or send you a new offer if we feel that your item(s) is not in compatible to the description of the condition you had originally stated. You will have up to three days to accept or decline this offer. If you do not respond within the three day time frame, we will assume you have accepted our terms, and send you your payment. Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours for processing. You always have the ability to track the status of your item(s) from your Scenfo.com account.

  • Larger Payments: If your order consists of a value of a $1000.00 or more, please allow an additional two to three business days for processing.

  • Non-major CDMA: For cell phones that have a carrier which is not a CDMA phone carrier, your payment may be delayed for three to eight business days for additional processing.

5. Returns: Should you decline a new offer given to you because after inspection we find the description you provided is slightly inaccurate, we will return your item to you for free. If your order has multiple items, we will only return the item that we have sent a new offer for. The remaining items cannot be returned even if you feel that the new offer for the other item was inaccurate. Please note that if you do not respond to our email regarding the new offer within three days we will continue with the processing. If your item has no value in accordance after our assessment and you do not respond to our emails within the three days, we will recycle your device. In order to test your item(s), we do remove casing and the protective layers of your item(s). If during this process you ask for your item(s) back please note that Scenfo.com is not responsible for these items. Once a product has been sent to us we do not guarantee that we will return the product with any data that you wish to keep. Please note that free return shipping does not apply in the following scenarios: Item was significantly misrepresented.

  • Item was found to be reported lost or stolen.

  • Item was found to have an Activation or iCloud lock.

  • Item was found to have a bad ESN or financed IMEI.

6. Abuse of Scenfo.com: Generally items that are largely misrepresented with major discrepancies are considered abuse of our service and are not covered under our Free Return Policy when an adjusted offer is declined due to reasons such as: a bad ESN, iCloud/Activation locks, lost or stolen phones, or gross misrepresentation of an item(s). Scenfo.com has the right to determine whether or not our system has been abused in any way. We will not allow for obvious errors to occur without consequences to the user of our system. If this is the case, we will not allow for free shipping of your electronic device(s) back to you if you request this. The customer will be responsible for paying for shipment of their item back to them as well as the cost incurred by us through the use of our prepaid shipping label. If this is the case Scenfo, LLC will hold your item(s) until payment is received by you to cover the cost of shipping it back and the cost of previously having it shipped to our facility. If we do not receive said payment within a 30 day period from the date of notification stating that we need payment from you to cover shipping costs, you will forfeit any payment for your item(s) and it will be recycled; after this time you will be unable to get your item(s) back.

7. Lost/Damaged Mail: On the off chance that your item(s) have either been harmed or lost while they are in transit, we at Scenfo.com will do our best to help come to a fitting determination for you. We insure all packages that are mailed to our facility. We are not responsible if the item gets lost and does not make it to our facility. We are also not responsible if there are any damages that occur to the item(s) during transit of your item; this is why it is important to properly package and protect your item. The lack of “proper packing” include but are not limited to an unpadded or unsealed box or envelope or not enough padding to keep the item(s) secure within the package. The value of any item(s) that are inadequately packaged will NOT be reimbursed. For outgoing mail back to you, we insure at the amount that we find the item(s) to be valued. If we have given you a new offer, the insured amount will equal this offer even if you have not verbally accepted these terms. For all insurance claims, you must be able to show proof of purchase and be willing to take all the appropriate steps to satisfy information requirements needed for the claim.

8. Trademarks: All content on Scenfo.com including content, pictures, technologies, innovations and so forth are the sole property of Scenfo, LLC and are secured by Trademark laws. Content may not be utilized or replicated without the consent of Scenfo, LLC.

9. Customer Representation: By conducting business with Scenfo, LLC and sending us your item(s) you are representing yourself as someone who is 18 years or older, the owner of the item(s) you are sending to us, and agreeing that no other person or group has any rights towards the item(s). You are affirming that you have the legal authority to transfer the ownership of this device to us without any hindrances. You are also consenting that the device you are sending to us is not stolen. Items that are stolen, fake, or counterfeit, will be turned over to federal authorities. We have zero tolerance for such items. These items will not be sent back to you as it is considered mail fraud. These items will be immediately destroyed and recycled.

10. Improper Information: If your item(s) arrives without the correct information or without the appropriate package receipt or return labels we may be unable to send payment or your item(s) back to you. After testing your item if we discover that the price is different, we will pay you the new amount, if we can match the item to the said owner. Since we do not have the proper return information, this price is final if we are able to match you to your information. In order to avoid all these complications please make sure the appropriate information is shipped out along with your item(s).

11. Legal Disputes: ALL legal disputes will be handled through Arbitration with no attorneys.

12. Affiliated Companies: A customer that conducts business with Scenfo.com via an affiliated website understands that Scenfo.com is NOT responsible for any concerns the customer may have beyond the scope of the terms and conditions that are mentioned here. For example, if you do not like the process you have to go through with the affiliated website, that is not an issue to bring forward to us. Such complaints should be brought forth with the company that you have the grievances with and not Scenfo.com.

13. Prohibited Items Policy: Scenfo prohibits the posting of any item that is set forth in the list of prohibited items. If a Seller lists a prohibited item, it will be deemed to be a violation of our Terms of Service regardless of whether the Seller acted intentionally or not. If Scenfo determines that a listing is in violation or is otherwise inappropriate Scenfo may, at its discretion, remove the listing and cancel any related transactions up to and including termination or suspension. Scenfo may not be used in connection with any product, service, transaction or activity that in general:

  • Violates any law or government regulation, or promotes or facilitates such action by third parties;

  • Is fraudulent, deceptive, unfair or predatory;

  • Causes or threatens to damage Scenfo reputation;

  • Violates the terms of any bank, card or electronic funds transfer network;

  • Results in or creates a significant risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages or other harm or liability

  • Violates any law or government regulation, or promotes or facilitates such action by third parties;

  • Is fraudulent, deceptive, unfair or predatory;

  • Causes or threatens to damage Scenfo’s reputation;

  • Violates the terms of any bank, card or electronic funds transfer network;

  • Results in or creates a significant risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages or other harm or liability

We have the right to add to our list of prohibited items as it relates to our business. Scenfo will not accept any of these items or related items offer for sale.

  • Anything illegal

  • Drugs such as:

    • Products, tools, or services specifically offered or intended to be used to create drugs

    • Grow ingredients for drugs. For example, seeds for cannabis plants

    • Prescription medicines or devices, pharmaceuticals, or behind the counter drugs

  • Prescriptions medicines, pharmaceuticals and behind the counter drugs

  • FDA-restricted items such as food, homemade food, food supplements, vitamins, diet products, muscle enhancers, home remedies, homemade cosmetics, and products that offer “miracle” cures

  • Stolen goods:

    • Note: If a purchased item is reported as stolen, a demand for return may be received from the victim or another party, and the item may be confiscated according to applicable regulations.

  • Counterfeit goods or goods infringing on a third party's intellectual property rights, such as:

    • Listings of non-brand, non-genuine, imitation, fake, or replica items

    • Items in violation of a copyright, including handmade, or other items with copyrighted characters, brand logos, etc.

    • Note: For brand-name products, serial numbers or receipts must be available when listing the item.

  • Weapons, such as:

    • Firearms and firearm parts; including airsoft and bb guns

    • Knives such as switchblades, butterfly knives, knives that are concealed or hidden within other objects, or are made of materials that cannot be detected with a metal detector

    • Explosives or military ordinance

    • Self defense weapons

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco products

    • Cigarettes

    • E-cigarettes, e-hookahs, or other vaporizing instruments that contain nicotine

    • Vaporizing liquid without nicotine

  • Items used for identity theft such as:

    • Account credentials, user login information, and/or account access codes

  • Items not in your possession, including:

    • Dropshipping

    • Advertisements or listings for objects being sought

    • Items you do not currently have that are on order

    • Coupons to purchase products

  • Items that are a safety hazard

    • Note: Flammable or combustible liquids and any other items that require special mailing or handling instructions must be sent using the “ship on your own” option.

  • Products designed to circumvent copyright protection techniques or otherwise facilitate the unlicensed use of copyright materials (For example: "mod chips" to break the encryption on game computers to allow the use of unlicensed game copies).

  • Age-restricted products or products that require a legal approval or licenses to be purchased or sold

  • Gambling, including using this Service for raffles and “mystery purchases”

  • Financial products and services such as:

    • Bonds, securities, or insurance

    • Banknotes or coins of any currency or denomination, or gold bullion

    • Buying and selling gift cards or prepaid cards

  • Live Animals

  • Any item that contains a computer virus, malware, or spyware

  • Digital items - any items where the order is fulfilled electronically or requires a download, such as:

    • Ebooks, PDF files, or items for online games

  • Humans, human body parts, organs, cells, blood, body fluids, or items that are soiled with human materials, such as previously-worn underwear.

  • Explicit items:

    • Sexually explicit items, such as sex toys and fetish items

    • Offensive items (determined at our discretion)

Scenfo will remove and cancel any transactions that pose harm or risk at our discretion.