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Have I adequately described my item?

For a more accurate offer and faster payouts, its best to describe your item in as much details as you can. This means including any and all information about the item. Some examples of important information are model names and numbers, memory capacity, size, and specific imperfections. By including this information from the beginning, we are able to quickly verify your item once received and avoid having to adjust our offer if there is information missing.

Why should I trust Scenfo?

Its understandable that not everyone will be comfortable sending their personal and valuable items to us, however we try our best to make you feel more comfortable and have trust in us. Once seeing how easy and fast the process is, most of our customers turn into repeat customers. We love to let our reviews speak for themselves and hope that after hearing about others experiences with us, you too can trust in us.

What is the process after submitting my item?

The process of submitting an item and receiving payment is really quick and easy. We pride ourselves in giving fair offers based on the market. After submitting your item, we either accept your asking price or work with you to come up with an agreeable offer for both parties. We then send you a free shipping label for you to send us your item(s), all you have to do is package it and drop it off or schedule pickup. Once we receive your item(s) it is inspected and verified against your original description. If everything checks out, payment is issued and you will receive it as soon as within a few minutes depending on the payment method chosen.